COCOPEAT for Home and Garden Using

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Botanical Name: COCO COIR LOW E.C

Coco Peat (Coir Pith) is obtained during the extraction of Coir Fibre from Coconut Husk, it is very light, highly compressible and highly hygroscopic.

Usually shipped in the form of compressed blocks, the end user usually expands and aerates the compressed Coco Peat by the addition of water. A single kilogram of Coco Peat will expand to 15 litres of Moist Coco Peat

Common uses of coco peat include:

Coir Peat Blocks is used as a Soil Conditioner, Surface Mulch/ Rooting Medium and Desiccant. Composted Coir Pith is an excellent organic manure for Indoor Plants as well as for Horticulture Crops

Mixed with sand, compost and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil. Coco Peat generally has an acidity in the range of pH - 5.5 to 6.5. It is a little on the acidic side for some plants, but many popular plants can tolerate this pH range.

As substrate for growing mushrooms, which thrive on the cellulose. Coco Peat has high cellulose and lignin content.

Being a good absorbent, Dry Coco Peat can be used as an Oil Absorbent on slippery floors. Coco Peat is also used as a bedding in animal farms and pet houses to absorb animal waste so the farm is kept clean and dry. This variety is commonly know has High EC coco peat.

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